About Us

Our Story

Without knowing that their paths will cross in the future, Doğa and Güner grew up in the same apartment building. They went to the same schools up until the university. After high school, Güner went to England to study architecture. Doğa stayed in Cyprus and studied business administration. After university, their lives were basically busy with running to and fro in between England and Cyprus, and thay never happened to be in the same country at the same time. Doğa set up his first company Artview, doing organizations. Güner came back to Cyprus after graduating and started working as an architect at UNDP for their old town development project. At the time she came back to Cyprus, Doğa went to England to carry out the promotional activities of his project called "Universal Dance". When Güner went back to England to do her masters, Doğa was already back in Cyprus working with 160 artists for 220 events that he organised throughout those years. In the meanwhile, Güner had finished her master degree program and had started to work at HTA Architect. She won two competitions in three years time, designing 4870 housing units. When she returned to Cyprus in 2010 after missing her country, she ran into Doğa on a summer night. This encounter happened to be the beginning of their life in unity, long years after their childhood together. When they had set up Change Trading Limited at "Mine Apartment", they have also become partners in business as well as a family. While Güner was continuing architecture and also doing furniture design, Doğa was still doing organisations.They had named their company "Change", always believing in change itself. In 2012, they have acquired the rights in Cyprus to represent Selamlıque İstanbul Turkish Coffees which was established by Caroline Koç, CEO of Koç Holding, the biggest institution in Turkey. She was the guest of honour at the opening of their first shop. They have expanded their business this time by acquiring rights of Cezbeli Turkish Coffees which also belongs to Caroline Koç. In 2016, they have received the rights of Perfetti Van Melle, which created brand names like Vivident, Mentos, Chupa Chups and Big Babol, and operates in 159 countries. With help of this, Change has become the distributors of not only prominent Turkish brands but also of globally leading brands. While all of this was happening, they have became parents in 2014 to a beautiful daughter, whom they named Sahil, which in Turkish means "beach", where they had first came across.



Presenting to consumers the products which we miss, consume, feed our child with, and which we believe would serve them better. Distributing these products in a way that it will simplify the lives of shop owners and make them as happy as we are


Being a company who would onset sectoral change, a company which is described with words like leader, honest, high quality, innovative, young, energetic, positive, constructive, competitive and fun; where personnel would love to work and shops and markets finds us indispensable and customers trust us.

Our Values

Our love for each other. The fact that we keep respect at highest priority at all times. That our family comes first. That we are like a family with our personnel. That we value the happiness of our personnel as much as we value their success. That we are honest. Quality of services and products that we offer. Our passion for our job.

The Brands we are working with